Evangelism – Wendy Vargo

This Committee shall assume some of the duties of the Congregational Life and Growth Committee.  The word “evangelism” comes from the Greek word “euangelion” which simply means The Good News.  Sometimes the word is a noun and sometimes it is as verb.  It is most helpful for us to use it as a verb, for we DO evangelism.  Specific tasks of this Committee are to

  • identify new residents of the community,
  • follow up with people who have visited our worship services,
  • communicate with members of the Congregation who have become inactive,
  • welcome new members into the Congregation by recruiting sponsors for each family unit, provide information packets and a reception on new member Sunday so that they may become acquainted with other members of the Congregation as quickly as possible.
  • Working with the Stewardship Committee the Evangelism Committee will provide information to new members regarding stewardship issues and opportunities. 
  • This Committee shall also participate with the Fellowship Committee in providing ways for Congregation members to care for one another.  This would include things like managing the prayer chain and providing for visitation with members who are sick or shut-in.