Confirmation Process of St. John Lutheran (as of 5/17)

Because Confirmation ministry was causing frustration for students, parents and pastors alike, a thorough study of this situation was conducted throughout the United States over 40 years ago. By 1970 some major changes were being recommended to the Church. This study was published and included the following definition of Confirmation:

“Confirmation is a pastoral and educational ministry of the church which helps the baptized child through Word and Sacrament to identify more deeply with the Christian community and participate more fully in its mission.”

The process we use at St. John is based on what psychologists have learned about child development, as well as what Christian educators have learned about faith development.

There are 7 units of learning that are most essential in the Confirmation process. They are the 5 chapters of Luther’s Small Catechism (The 10 Commandments, The Lord’s’ Prayer, The Apostles’ Creed, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion), and 2 Biblical units on Old and New Testament.

Confirmation is a process, not a program or a curriculum. This process makes confirmation a more enjoyable learning and relationship building experience for everyone involved. Having the units of learning put in separate sessions promotes focus on the topic at hand. The multi-year process creates a stronger relationship with the pastor starting at a younger age and is a first step in promoting life-long learning.


Bibles and Bible reading – grades 3-4

Holy Communion – grade 5

The Lord’s Prayer – grade 6

Alternating yearly focus on “Luther’s Small Catechism with reading the Book of Romans” and

“Re:Form which addresses questions about our faith along with reading sections of the Old & New

Testament that look at God’s promise for us” – grade 7 & grade 8 together

Faith Formation with Mentor – grade 9

Confirmation Retreat & Service of Affirmation of Baptism – grade 10

3rd Graders will receive their Bibles during the Sunday servie in September following Rally Sunday. The parents and children are gathered and the parents are reminded of the promises they made in Holy Baptism that “we will place in their hands the holy scriptures.” The Bibles are then given to the parents who in turn give them to the 3rd graders. Both children and parents sign an enrollment form indicating that they are ready and willing to enter the Confirmation process and commit themselves to the learning and relationship building involved.

4th Graders will be reading the Gospel of Mark. During the months of January and February, the pastor will make home visits with each 4thGrader and at least one of their parents. The conversation focuses on how to use their Bibles and doing personal and family devotions. They will read the Gospel of Mark over 31 days during the month of March, and they will be recognized during a Sunday service in the month of April.

5th Graders will meet with to discuss the Sacrament of Holy Communion. We will meet Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00 PM during the 2ndthree Wednesdays of Lent. 5th Graders will celebrate 1st Communion during the Maundy Thursday Service.

6th Graders will meet to discuss the Lord’s Prayer and prayer. They will meet with the pastor on Wednesdays from 3:00-5:30 PM during the 1st three Wednesdays of Lent. The weekly topics will be “Confession: Forgiveness & Faith,” “Supplication: Needs of Others – Church, Family, Friends, & Enemies,” & “Self: Need, Help, & Thanksgiving.”

7th and 8th Graders will meet together for 20 scheduled Wednesdays with a meal from 6- 6:30PM and class from 6:30-7:30 PM to cover the following yearly rotating confirmation focuses:

  • Luther’s Small Catechism with reading the Book of Romans and discussion from sermon notes
  • Re:Form which addresses questions about our faith along with reading sections of the Old & New Testament that look at God’s promise for us and discussion from sermon notes

(Further process description for 7th and 8th Grade Class can be found in the information section of our website.)

9th Grades will be working together with a mentor throughout the year in faith formation. By September, each 9th Grader chooses a mentor from the congregation. "A mentor is preferably someone who is a non-related member of St. John that they see as an example of living the faith. Although this is preferred, it does not exclude a member of the congregation who is their baptismal sponsor or an extended relative desiring to take this opportunity to grow in faith together living into their baptismal promise to this child." One area of this time will be when the 9th Grader and their Mentor get together four times using discussion guides concerning “Faith and Worship,” “Faith and Family,” Faith and School/Social Life,” and “Faith and Vocation.” The 9th Graders will also meet individually with the Pastor on the 4th Sunday of the Month from 10-11 AM.

(Further process description for 9th Grade Class can be found in the information section of our website.)

10th Grade Class will meet with the pastor and chaperone(s) at Gustavus College in St. Peter, MN for an overnight Confirmation Retreat. This retreat will be scheduled during the month of September or October. Confirmation Day for the 10th Graders will be held on the last Sunday in October.