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Explorers: Completed Grades 7 - 9                                                                                                                        Explorers spend their week in the rustic covered wagons of Explorer Village. We create a strong community, cook many meals over a fire, practice team building, and explore the amazing landmarks at camp. Campers enjoy a variety of activities at Good Earth Village, including arts and crafts, Bible studies, active worship services, creek-splashing, and hiking. Explorers will spend an afternoon at a local high ropes course, travel off-site for a canoe trip, followed by a night of camping at a local state park.

Pioneers: Completed Grade 5 - 6

Pioneers experience the adventure-filled days and laid-back nights of an Old West style camp. Pioneers sleep in Old Town Village, learn outdoor skills, cook meals over the fire, hike to new locations, play awesome group games, share stories and songs around the campfire, and take care of each other. Campers begin to experience the more rustic parts of camp. This camp includes also includes a trip to the local swimming pool.

Pathfinders: Completed Grades 3 - 4

As Pathfinders, campers blaze new trails in their faith as they explore what it means to follow Christ, meet new friends, serve others, and learn more about God’s creation through hikes in the woods, campfires, creek splashing and many other classic camp activities. Campers stay in our Hilltop Cabins and for week-long Pathfinders, have their first off-site outing to the local swimming pool!

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