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St. John Lutheran Church

Youth Ministry Helper Survey


One of the goals for our youth ministry is that every youth parent serves in at least one youth ministry program each year.  We invite adults in the congregation, who may not have youth in the program to have the opportunity to volunteer too. Please review the list below and check any roles that sound like a fit for you. Look at the enclosed planning sheet for specific events and note if there is a specific event you would be interested in helping with. Thank you for your support of our youth ministry.

Mom/Adult: ____________________________Preferred Phone: _____________________


Dad/Adult: _____________________________ Preferred Phone: ____________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________

Name & Grade of Students (if applicable):

____________________________________  ________________________________

____________________________________  ________________________________

____________________________________  ________________________________

O Help with a Fundraiser ___________________________

O Serve as a League Advisor ________________________

O Serve as a Sunday school teacher (2 teachers to each class)

O Serve as a Sunday school substitute teacher

O Help with a League-Level Service Project _____________________________

O Help with a League-Level Event _____________________________________

O Help with Vacation Bible School-

O I already volunteer with the youth as___________________________________

___ Food   ___ Faith    ___ Fun   ___ Safety spotter    ___I’ll do anything

Please return this survey to Missy Gregor, Youth Ministry Director,  by email or mail to Missy Gregor at 105 Spruce Ave NW, Montgomery, MN 56069.

  March 2021  
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